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What We Do & Why

Water is complex, multi-faceted, and ever changing. With water crises escalating and water resources under greater stress, leaders need a clear path for decision making and a trusted partner to guide them. True Elements is that partner.

What We Do

True Elements sees water differently, in all its dimensions and interactions. True Elements’ state of the art technology, scientific and AI capabilities translate water’s complex, multi-dimensional interrelationships into clearly understandable visualizations and scores for reliable analysis, forecasting and fully informed decision making. True Elements is:

Advancing a new era in Water Intelligence

Fostering cross sector collaboration by sharing data and analytics

The Water Intelligence specialist and leader you need for the insights you want

Building a network of Water Intelligence partners to deepen universal understanding of water’s interrelationships, impacts and continuous changes

Water Resilience Starts With Water Intelligence.

Why We Do It

Because water is the universal connector. How we manage our shared water resources determines our collective future. Water Intelligence is the bedrock of individual and collective understanding and action.

Everything Depends On Water

The future of every business, community, government agency and financial portfolio depends on its ability to secure and maintain reliable, safe water resources.

Water Is Complex

Water is a dynamic, ever changing, complex web of interrelated factors. Water is challenging to understand and make fully informed decisions around.

Water Crises Are Accelerating

Climate change is experienced most frequently through water. Floods, droughts, algae blooms, increased precipitation intensity and salt water intrusion deplete freshwater resources and compromise those that remain.

All Water Resources Are Shared

We have a collective responsibility and opportunity to steward our precious water resources. No one can do it alone.

We See Water Differently

Clarify Water’s Complexity

We track a multitude of data layers – contaminants, turbidity, flow, pollution sources, drought status, hazardous waste proximity, agricultural runoff, and more for accurate understanding of water quality and quantity.

Apply Scientific

We consider how multiple factors impact each other along with weather, land/soil interactions, and hydrologic cycles to create deep, holistic understanding of watersheds.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

We use sophisticated, patent pending artificial intelligence capabilities to forecast water quality conditions up to three weeks and water related climate impacts up to 50 years.
Create a Digital Watershed Twin

We create accurate digital watershed twins so viewers can apply different data layers to help answer key questions, prioritize efforts, make informed decisions, and take action.

Transform Complex
Data To Intelligence

Through mapping, indexing, and scoring visualizations, we translate complex layers of data from hundreds of sources, normalize the data for consistent interpretation, and make it clear for analysis, deep understanding and decision making.

We Envision A New Era in Water Intelligence

Water challenges are daunting. But with every challenge comes an opportunity. Leaders have a choice in their approach to water decision intelligence. They can rely on previous ways of doing things or move forward with a groundbreaking approach.

Water Resources Are Highly Valued

Water resources are recognized as the linchpin of productivity, operational continuity, sustainability, and a resilient future for all. As such they are highly valued and responsibly and collectively managed as the precious shared resources they are.

A Network of Watershed Stewards Emerges

Business, financial, government and community leaders participate as an active network of watershed stewards using shared, state of the art Water Intelligence that is comprehensive, accurate, and timely, to make urgently needed decisions.

A Deeper Understanding of Water Takes Hold

A deeper understanding of water takes hold, where two-dimensional data becomes multi-dimensional, synergistic, and more encyclopedic, thus exponentially increasing the value of the data itself, the number of ways the data can be used, and the depth and reliability of data analysis and predictive modeling.

Fully Informed Decisions Make Collective Action Possible

Advanced water data analytics and forecasting capabilities create collective, clear understanding, and enable easier, faster, and more effective decision making for leaders across all stakeholder groups thus spurring collective action to steward water resources.

Making The Vision A Reality

True Elements is creating the deep, clear Water Intelligence leaders need to make more fully informed, effective decisions for the future of their companies, communities, organizations, and portfolios. True Elements’ pioneering approach to data aggregation, analysis and predictive modeling creates a multiplier effect for the value of captured data by fusing:

Vast amounts of data from public and private sources

Automated data aggregation and normalization

Dimensionalized data layers and resulting synergies to maximize analysis and forecasting accuracy

True Elements’ ability to incorporate customer needs and data to scale solutions quickly

Learn how True Elements’ groundbreaking scientific and AI capabilities are continuously evolving to help customers navigate their water future intelligently.