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Learn how deeper Water Intelligence makes more fully informed, effective decisions possible.

We See Water Differently

Clarify Water’s Complexity

We track a multitude of data layers – contaminants, turbidity, flow, pollution sources, drought status, hazardous waste proximity, agricultural runoff, and more for accurate understanding of water quality and quantity.

Apply Scientific

We consider how multiple factors impact each other along with weather, land/soil interactions, and hydrologic cycles to create deep, holistic understanding of watersheds.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

We use sophisticated, patent pending artificial intelligence capabilities to forecast water quality conditions up to three weeks and water related climate impacts up to 50 years.
Create a Digital Watershed Twin

We create accurate digital watershed twins so viewers can apply different data layers to help answer key questions, prioritize efforts, make informed decisions, and take action.

Transform Complex
Data To Intelligence

Through mapping, indexing, and scoring visualizations, we translate complex layers of data from hundreds of sources, normalize the data for consistent interpretation, and make it clear for analysis, deep understanding and decision making.

Colorado River Basin

True Elements created a digital watershed twin to analyze and forecast water quality and flow for multiple users within the watershed. This digital twin helped stakeholders collectively understand water related risks and develop mitigation strategies in response.

George Mason University

Coming soon!

True Elements Provides The Deep, Clear Water Intelligence You Need For the Insights You Want

Transforming water and data complexity into clear, easy to understand insights for fully informed, effective decision making.