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Learn how True Elements Water Intelligence System Maximizes the Power of Data to Help Decision Makers Gain the Insights They Need 

We See Water Differently

   The Data You Need in One Place 

Global, national, regional, and local water data is aggregated and constantly updated through APIs to provide the most comprehensive, near real time water database anywhere in the world 

Insights for Your
Specific Needs 

Complex water data is instantly transformed into easy-to-understand scores and visualizations while versatile capabilities including data layering, location specific data, and scenario analysis ensure you get the customized insights for you need 

Easy, Efficient,

Continuous data aggregation, normalization, organization, and simplification, combined with easy-to-use tools, dashboards, and analytics creates a fast, efficient workflow that integrates into any system and increases productivity 

Time and Cost

A smooth, streamlined Water Intelligence process saves significant time, resources, and money, while increasing productivity 

Anytime Personal
System Support

Customer Success Managers train new customers on how to maximize Water Intelligence system capabilities. Beyond customized training, Success Managers are available anytime for questions and additional assistance.

Colorado River Basin

True Elements created a digital watershed twin to analyze and forecast water quality and flow for multiple users within the watershed. This digital twin helped stakeholders collectively understand water related risks and develop mitigation strategies in response.

George Mason University

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True Elements is the Definitive Source for Water Intelligence