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Our solutions provide clear understanding of water and watershed dynamics to help you make the best, most fully informed decisions for your water future.

The Intelligence You Need

Digital Watershed Analysis Suite

For easier, more complete, and accurate data driven insights and fully informed decision making for capital planning, design requirements, supply chain challenges, ESG initiatives, policy decisions, license to operate and reputational risk concerns.

Customizable Digital Layers

Dynamic, continuously updated data layers such as water flow, regulated and unregulated contaminants, pollution sources, hazardous waste proximity, aquifers, temperature, salinity, and land, storm, and stream properties can be applied as needed for deep understanding and up to date analysis of watershed quality and quantity impacts.

Access to Diverse Data Sources

Data sources such as discharge reports, EPA permit holders, USGS and USDA live sensors, NASA, NOAA, Microsoft Planetary Computer, Google Earth Engine, and others are easily accessible for data verification and drill down. Private data can be easily embedded for deeper insights.

True QI Scores

Indexed scoring for drinking, industrial, agriculture, storm, waste and surface water are available as True QI scores. True QI scores for each category distill water’s complex data layers and multi-dimensional interrelationships into clearly understandable visualizations for reliable analysis and fully informed decision making.

Easy to Use Project Management Dashboard

Customizable dashboard with workflow templates, such as “What’s in My Watershed” for data blending and customer specific True QI scoring to the Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) 8 level. Dashboard supports customized digital layers and provides easy to interpret True QI scores, mapping to the zip code level, and visualizations for clear analysis and forecasting.

Water Risk Management

For holistic assessment of water quality and quantity risk to current and future operations, supply chains, asset investments and valuations, reputational risk, and risk of inaction. Allows easier, faster, more accurate and complete regulatory reporting and shareholder disclosures.

Water Quality Forecasting

Water quality insights to 48 hours or up to 21 days as needed.

Climate Precipitation Calculator

Maps and quantifies asset risk based on asset building year and storm recurrence interval to determine risk to infrastructure based on changing weather patterns to 2040 and beyond.

Real Time Asset Monitoring

Coming soon!

Disclosure Reporting

Coming soon!

Collective Action Facilitation

For effective watershed initiatives, ESG initiatives, asset management, supply chain management and site selection assessment.

Digital Watershed Twin

Multiple data layers create a digital watershed twin with True QI scores and visualizations for clear understanding of watershed issues and impacts across a wide range of stakeholders.

Easy to Use Project Management Dashboard

Customizable dashboard with workflow templates, such as “What’s in My Watershed” allows customized digital layers and provides easy to interpret True QI scores, mapping to the zip code level, plus visualizations for clear analysis and forecasting.

Public and Private Data Blending

Ability to add private data to existing public data sets allows localized, customer data uploads for data blending and customer specific True QI scoring to the Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) 12 level. This creates deeper collective understanding of watershed dynamics and helps prioritize action.

Customizable Digital Layers

Dynamic, continuously updated data layers including water flow, regulated and unregulated contaminants, pollution sources, hazardous waste proximity, aquifers, and others can be applied as needed for deep understanding and up to date analysis of watershed quality and quantity impacts. Importantly, Environmental Justice layers can be added to prioritize efforts and help secure federal and state funding.

Program Coordinator Toolset

Makes project management and participation monitoring easy for multiple projects and initiatives.

Secure Firewalls

Separates access to data as necessary for large projects.

Intelligence Solutions are Easy to Use, Flexible and Secure

One Platform Serves Multiple Needs

Convenient, flexible solutions that meet a wide variety of needs.

Multiple solutions in one platform

Access to True Elements’ platform lets you use Digital Analysis Watershed Suite, Water Risk Management, and Collective Action Facilitation capabilities to support your specific water intelligence needs.

Flexible tools and solutions

Solutions work separately for specific needs or together to provide more holistic water intelligence.

Options for every situation

True Elements’ capabilities can be accessed through subscription service to a watershed at the HUC 8 Level, enterprise agreements across all watersheds, custom agreements, one-time upload for a specific water quality forecast or report, or unlimited subscription access.

Secure Water Data Intelligence

For reliable, versatile platform performance and secure data integration, analysis, and forecasting you can trust.

React based Web/Flask Application

React is a best-in-class JavaScript library that supports fast, scalable, flexible, and portable applications.

Enterprise grade authentication

KeyCloak supports user identity, federation, strong authentication, user management, fine-grained authorization, and more for complete data security and access control.

Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery Architecture

Provides resource and storage redundancy with multi-cloud integration and deployment for data recovery.

Data download capability

APIs built using Python and deployed with API Gateways and Lambda/Azure functions allow access to True Elements’ platform worldwide.

Water Resilience Starts With Water Intelligence.

Impactful Case Studies & Use Cases

Colorado River Basin

True Elements created a digital watershed twin to analyze and forecast water quality and flow for multiple users within the watershed. This digital twin helped stakeholders collectively understand water related risks and develop mitigation strategies in response.

Watershed Health

Investing in collective understanding and action to support watershed health saves significant funds in the long term and helps create a resilient water future for all.

SEC Climate Risk Disclosure

Federal agencies are moving toward mandatory water and climate risk disclosure requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What data sources do you use?

In the US, True Elements brings hundreds of data sources from 25 federal agencies together such as EPA discharge and permit holder reports, USGS and USDA live sensor data, NASA, and NOAA, plus state drinking water consumer confidence reports and lab data, Microsoft Planetary Computer, and Google Earth Engine to create as complete a national watershed picture as currently possible. We are continuously bringing more data into the True Elements platform via state, regional and local data sources.

While True Elements data sourcing is fully implemented in the US, the same data collection process is beginning in Mexico and other parts of the world.

Is the data dynamic?

Yes. Data are continuously updated via API with data sources, wherever possible.

Can I incorporate my own data into the platform?

Yes. True Elements can easily blend private data into its existing comprehensive public data sets to enhance insight into specific locations and issues. True Elements is data type agnostic; able to bring any type of data such as satellite, GIS, or CSV file into the platform for analysis and visualization. Secure firewalls protect private data as necessary according to customer needs.

How are you applying artificial intelligence (AI) in your solutions?

True Elements’ sophisticated scientific and AI capabilities aggregate, process, and normalize public, private, or blended data sets, thus creating a multi-layer digital twin that reflects water data as well as hydrologic, weather, topographical and other factors that impact water flow, quality, and quantity.

These capabilities allow accurate assessment of current water conditions and forecasts of water quality and quantity risk, physical asset risk, and risk of potential disruption due to extreme water events.

What is water intelligence?

Water intelligence is the process of converting substantial amounts of dynamic, disparate, complex water related data into a clear, deep understanding of water quality and quantity in a specific geographic location.

This clear understanding is essential to make the best possible, most fully informed decisions about current and future water challenges related to operations, supply chain, physical assets, reputational and investment risk.

How can I access True Elements’ water intelligence services?

Customers can access the platform in three ways:

1. Core – A subscription service (available directly through True Elements or through Microsoft AppSource and AWS Marketplace) that provides full platform access including visual mapping, indexing, and forecasting tools and True QI scores for surface, agricultural, industrial, drinking, storm, and wastewater. Customers can customize information as necessary to meet their needs.

2. Premium – A license agreement where True Elements’ data and analytic capabilities are delivered into customers’ existing analytics platform. In this option True Elements can customize its data as well as how that data is integrated into the clients’ platform.

3. Premium Blended – True Elements will blend a customer’s proprietary data into True Elements’ platform for specific reporting and visualizations. Content interface, output and delivery are jointly developed with the customer.

What geography do you cover?

Due to access to high volumes of public data, True Elements’ capabilities are currently strongest in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii). Data capture and analysis is increasing rapidly in Mexico and the European Union.

Collaboration efforts are underway with data partners around the world to provide the same capabilities currently available in the US on a global basis.

Do you have a team to help me learn to use the True Elements platform and someone to call when I have questions?

True Elements’ Solutions Engineers are available to onboard customers to the platform and learn how to maximize its capabilities. As needed assistance is available weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday for questions and technical support.

Do you own any water sensors and or will you put sensors in where none exist?

True Elements’ unique capabilities transform massive amounts of water data from a myriad of sources into clear, concise insights and visualizations to help customers make informed decisions to address their current and future water related challenges.

We do not own or install water sensors, however, we can direct you to organizations who can potentially assist you with those needs.

True Elements Provides The Deep, Clear Water Intelligence You Need For the Solutions You Want

Transforming water and data complexity into clear, easy to understand insights for fully informed, effective decision making.