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Water Challenges are Complicated

Understanding How to Address Them Doesn’t Have to Be.

True Elements’ Water Intelligence System
delivers clear insights that make solving
water challenges possible.

  • Supply Chain
  • Health
  • Operational Continuity
  • Energy Needs
  • Asset Portfolio
  • Infrastructure
  • Productivity
  • License to Operate
  • Policy
  • Investment Portfolio
  • Family
  • Future
  Depends on Water.

Everything depends
on water

Sufficient, clean water resources are essential to the operational continuity and success of every business, organization, and community. Water is the linchpin of our society, environment, and economy. 

Water and Water Data
are Complex

Water is a dynamic, ever changing, complex web of interrelated factors. Water data is complicated, dispersed, disparate, incomplete, and often difficult to understand. 

Leaders Need Water Insights

As shifting weather patterns alter water resources, leaders need clear, reliable insights to help them understand and manage an increasing number of current and future water related risks and opportunities.

Leaders Need a
System Approach

Leaders need a real time Water Intelligence decision support system that quickly and easily transforms water data complexity into actionable insights to enable organizations to adapt to a changing climate.

True Elements’ Water Intelligence System is the Complete, Easy to Use Solution for All Your Water Insights Needs.

All in one Water Intelligence decision support system

Maximizes the power of water data

Delivers clear global, regional and localized insights to help decision makers understand water risk and opportunity

Streamlines an antiquated, complex, time-consuming process

Saves significant time, resources and money

Meets a comprehensive range of water insight needs

The Water Intelligence System You Need to Help You Understand and Address Your Unique Concerns

When You Need Deeper Understanding Of: 

Water quality impacts from pollution, sedimentation, or climate change

Water quantity impacts from extreme weather, changes in land use or resource extraction

Long term impacts to watershed health


When You Need Deeper Understanding Of:

Fixed asset vulnerability to floods, drought, sea level rise, and more

Ideal site management or selection to minimize water risk

Long term changes to water resources


When You Need Deeper Understanding Of:

On site operational vulnerability to changing water quality or quantity

Supply chain vulnerability to changing water quality or quality

Risk creep across a value chain


When You Need Deeper Understanding Of:

Water resource availability for mandatory or voluntary reporting requirements

Company impacts on water resources for mandatory or voluntary reporting requirements

Long term changes to water resources


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What Industry Leaders Are Saying


“We don’t have the luxury of time to wait for innovative technologies. What we need is companies like True Elements – who have a few good people proactively solving wicked water problems.”

Will Sarni

Water Foundry

"What True Elements has done for water quality data was never before possible. It’s nothing short of a game changer."

Bob Bowcock

Managing Director, Integrated Resource Management, Inc.

“The True Elements team has built a truly amazing platform that no one else has been able to build. It used to take 1 or 2 days to test water upriver to know what was coming toward a water treatment plant. Now True Elements can deliver the same water quality information in close to real-time. Water practitioners and businesses will be able to use the platform’s data and insights to make faster, better business decisions. This is a turning point in water management.”

Karen Meidlinger

PhD, Director, Digital Innovation, Evoqua Water Technologies

“Our communities deserve transparency about threats and impacts to public health and the environment. Our partnership with True Elements, and their AI capabilities, is critical to the development of a comprehensive and state of the art process for real-time water quality monitoring that fills information gaps, democratizes access to vital data and analysis, and captures a more accurate picture of the health of our water resources to assist with policy, regulation, legislation, and rapid response decisions.”

Marc Yaggi

CEO, Waterkeeper Alliance

True Elements holds the promise of empowering public policy makers to better manage water quality and quantity and plan more effectively to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for communities across America.

Cathilea Robinett

CEO, e.Republic

State and local governments are facing new and different challenges in the ongoing effort to ensure resiliency of services for their citizens. As we look to the future, the need to understand and prepare for disruptions to our water supply will be pivotal to resiliency. Water Intelligence like that provided by True Elements will be essential to developing this understanding.

Teri Takai

Senior Vice President, Center for Digital Government, e.Republic


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