To tackle climate resiliency, we need to start with water. 

And we need next generation intelligence.

Water and carbon directly impact one other, and the cycle has direct effect on climate. 

Real-time and forecasted water data is essential for water resource managers and financial analysts alike.

In the past, the water industry has been limited by incomplete and fragmented data, leaving two options: Build an ensemble model OR build an area specific model.

Both at considerable time and cost.

Now, True Elements offers a third option:

A universal mesh model that learns, and provides localized water quality intelligence and visual insights dynamically.

Creating a dynamic data platform took rocket science. Understanding the value of using water quality intelligence is a no brainer.

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Nominated for Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year.

Global Water Awards 2021 (Dupont)

Data doesn’t have an opinion, but it does have context.


True Elements pulls publicly available data from 1.2M+ sensors and 100’s of federal and local databases…


Then loads and transforms it into usable data…


To produce standardized TrueQI™ scores and forecasts, and detailed reporting.

“We don’t have the luxury of time to wait for innovative technologies. What we need is companies like True Elements–who have a few good people proactively solving wicked water problems.”

Will Sarni, Water Foundry