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True Elements Receives Federal Small Business Certification, Opening the Door for Federal Agencies to Benefit from a State-of-the-Art Decision Support System for Water  

by | March 14, 2024

By Grimt Habtemariam

True Elements has received Federal Small Business Certification from the US Small Business Administration. This certification allows True Elements to serve government agencies through a wide range of contracting vehicles and programs. It also facilitates partnerships with trusted large government contractors that have complementary capabilities.  

90% of climate impacts are water related, including extreme weather events, rising sea levels, floods, droughts, and declining water quality. Climate and water are inextricably linked. The climate crisis is a water crisis. To fully understand their climate vulnerabilities and develop a Climate Action Pan, federal agencies must understand and manage their water risk. Managing water risk is crucial to bolstering climate adaptation and increasing climate resilience. 

A Groundbreaking Water Intelligence System 

True Elements has created the world’s first enterprise grade Water Intelligence decision support system to help government agencies address climate and water risks and safeguard the nation’s water resources to ensure a sustainable future. 

Water risk is complex, time consuming, and costly. True Elements’ Water Intelligence System streamlines and automates that process, quickly and easily delivering the insights agencies need to make the best possible decisions for their operations. 

True Elements’ Water Intelligence System is powered by a unique combination of advanced water data aggregation and normalization capabilities, patented analytic and forecasting methodologies, and a state-of-the-art user interface experience that transforms complex water data into clear visualizations and contextual insights that help decision makers understand water risk and make informed decisions about how to address those risks. 

How True Elements Water Intelligence System Benefits Government Agencies 

True Elements Water Intelligence System offers a wide range of benefits to government agencies: 

  1. Improved Operational Efficiency: By leveraging True Elements’ advanced analytic capabilities and insights, agencies can better understand their water risk, optimize operations, streamline workflows, reduce inefficiencies, and make better resource allocation and utilization decisions. 
  1. Long-term Resilience: True Elements’ predictive capabilities enable agencies to anticipate and mitigate risks such as water quality degradation and associated citizen safety impacts, infrastructure damages and failures, and other extreme weather event impacts. This proactive approach enhances agencies’ ability to protect citizens, maintain water and national infrastructure systems, and ensure service continuity. 
  1. Mission Support: Water is critical for various military operations, from base infrastructure to international troop support. The True Elements’ predictive analytics enable agencies to anticipate water-related issues and proactively address them, ensuring mission readiness and operational efficiency.  
  1. Better Resource Allocation: With Water Intelligence generated insights, agencies can allocate resources such as workforce, equipment, and funding more effectively. This enables agencies to balance proactive approaches (such as implementation of Nature Based Solutions) with the need to address critical issues promptly and prioritize associated investments. 
  1. Environmental Stewardship and Regulatory Compliance: True Elements’ Water Intelligence System assists agencies in meeting their environmental goals and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements by providing accurate data and documentation for reporting purposes. Dashboards, reports, and user-friendly project management let agencies easily demonstrate compliance with water quality standards, environmental regulations, and other mandates, and track their progress toward water-related sustainability goals. 

True Elements Water Intelligence System provides the essential insights government agencies need to understand and address water-related challenges swiftly, easily, and effectively. These insights enable agencies to enhance water security, improve resource management, ensure regulatory compliance, and respond to emergencies. As the government continues to prioritize water conservation and resilience, True Elements, along with its partners, will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of water management and sustainability worldwide.

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