Halogenated acetonitriles

Group Members: Dichloroacetonitrile, Dibromoacetonitrile, Bromochloroacetonitrile, Trichloroacetonitrile

Source: Occur as byproducts of water disinfection processes.

Summary: The halogenated acetonitriles are a group of chemicals that form as byproducts of water disinfection processes such as clorination and chlorimation. The group consists of dichloroacetonitrile, dibromoacetonitrile, bromochloroacetonitrile, and trichloroacetonitrile. Decreasing temperature and subsequently increasing pH may help decrease their total concentration in water. They are susceptible to hydrolysis, so concentrations in drinking water should be lower than that at the time of water treatment. Dichloroacetonitrile and dibromoacetonitrile have been measured in soil and have high mobilities. Dichloroacetonitrile has been measured in groundwater.