Source: Occurs naturally in minerals and is added to water as a disinfectant. Is used in many pesticides.

Summary: Element 17 on the periodic table, chlorine is a gas at room temperature and pressure and is more dense than air. The odor is considered strong and toxic upon inhalation. Chlorine has many applications in bleaching and disinfection. Chlorine is often used in compounds in water treatment processes and in pools for disinfection. The smell of chlorine in public pools is actually due to chloramines, not just chlorine itself. Chlorine has a very low melting point at -101.5 C. Diatomic chlorine may react with diatomic hydrogen to form hydrochloric acid, which is considered a strong acid. Hydrochloric acid dissociates almost completely when dissolved in water.

GHS Hazard Statement: H270, H280, H314, H315, H318, H319, H330, H331, H335, H370, H372, H373, H400, H410, GHS03, GHS04, GHS05, GHS06, GHS07, GHS08, GHS09