Water quality is a problem that we must solve together.

Better intelligence means better decision making for business, policy and public health.

Companies and agencies who are trying to understand how to improve water use and management practices can improve quality, efficiency, and their financial bottom line. True Elements is here to partner with decision makers for the best possible outcomes.

We are often introduced to potential innovation partners through mutual thought leaders and industry experts. We look for those who share three qualities:

A shared commitment to leading water quality innovation – on scale.

A business model that is dependent on water quality.

A solid fit of motivation, culture and belief.

How we serve

In the Traditional Water Industry

We serve water companies to augment and accelerate their Digital Water strategies, product integrations, and more. We become a valuable AI partner who helps advance product and market strategy.

These customers include: agriculture, commercial and food processors who use water as an ingredient or end product. They may also include solution providers and device manufacturers who are advancing intelligent water strategies.

In IoT Development

We serve IoT data providers who may be new entrants in the industry, by amplifying the value of their own data. We are also a data partner for public agencies, by amplifying their existing data.

In ESG and Sustainable Finance

We are the trusted data partner to funds and their portfolio companies. Our TrueQI™ indexing tool provides consistent scoring as a basis of comparison for water quality. We serve as both partner and teacher.

Who We Serve

Innovation Managers and Digital Water Directors

Companies who provide products and services that incorporate water quality measurement through IoT devices such as smart meters, pipes, and in-process sensors. Our service helps them "pull through" product, engineering and consulting sales, and builds data assets for end users.

ESG, Sustainable Finance, Risk Analysts

Executives responsible for providing enterprise-wide, data-based, water quality scoring for consistent credit risk assessment by investment funds, banking, corporate planners and ESG, Sustainable Finance, Risk Analysts.

Water Resource Managers

We serve Federal, state and local government agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) responsible for watershed and ground water health, policy, and management.