Perfluorononanoic acid

IUPAC Name: 2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,9,9,9-heptadecafluorononanoic acid

Source: Currently used as a surfactant, it had many uses in consumer and industrial products in the 1950’s. Since being phased out of manufacturing it has persisted as an environmental contaminant.

Summary: Perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA) is a member of the perfluorooctanoic acids. It is a synthetic compound used as a surfactant. It formerly had uses in insecticides and was found in many consumer and industrial products. It is commonly found as an environmental contaminant along with PFOS and PFOA. It is soluble in water up to 0.0625 mg/L at 25 C and has an acid dissociation constant of pKa = -0.21. It exists in the atmosphere in the vapor-phase and has a half-life of 31 days. PFNA has a Koc value of 120,000 indicating that it will be immobile in soil. It will be highly resistant to biodegradation in both soil and water, and will persist in the environment as a contaminant. Bioaccumulation in organisms is expected to be very high.

Perfluoronanoic acid

GHS Hazard Statement: H302, H314, H315, H318, H319, H332, H335, H351, H360Df, H362, H372, GHS05, GHS07, GHS08