IUPAC Name: 3,4-dimethyl-2,6-dinitro-N-pentan-3-ylaniline

Source: Used as a pesticide to control weeds and wild grass.

Summary: Pendimethalin is used as an herbicide for controlling weeds and wild grasses. It has a solubility in water of 0.33 mg/L at 20 C and a density of 1.19 g/mL at 25 C. Upon decomposition it produces gaseous nitroxides. Koc values ranging from 6,500 to 43,863 indicate it will have low to no mobility within soil. It is reported to have a soil half-life of 3-4 months. Since it absorbs UV wavelength light, photolysis may be a method of natural removal.

GHS Hazard Statement: H317, H400, H410, GHS07, GHS09