IUPAC Name: Methyl N-(methylcarbamoyloxy)ethanimidothioate

Source: Used as an insecticide on a wide range of crops.

Water Treatment:

Summary: Methomyl is an organic compound that is most commonly used as a pesticide. It has a solubility of 58,000 mg/L in water at 25 C and a density of 1.2946 g/mL at 24 C. Upon decomposition it produces toxic fumes of nitrogen and sulfur oxides. When applied on plants it may degrade naturally into acetonitrile and carbon dioxide. Methomyl has a moderate Koc and is expected to be moderately mobile in soil.

GHS Hazard Statement: H300, H301, H312, H330, H370, H373, H400, H410, H412, GHS06, GHS08, GHS09