IUPAC Name: N-[ethoxy-(3-methyl-4-methylsulfanylphenoxy)phosphoryl]propan-2-amine

Source: Used as a pesticide on a wide range of crops.

Water Treatment: https://tdb.epa.gov/tdb/contaminant?id=10181

Summary: Fenamiphos is an organophospate compound used as a pesticide. It is a restricted use pesticide (RUP) and the user must have certification. It is soluble in water up to 329 mg/L at 20 C. It has a density of 1.14 g/mL. Decomposition produces toxic fumes of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur oxides. It is an acid with pKa = 10.50 at 25 C. Hydrolysis may occur under acidic or alkaline conditions. Fenamiphos has a high Koc value and will likely adsorb to many surfaces and may be mobile in the subsurface. Under aerobic conditions the compound is quickly degraded naturally by microbial processes.


GHS Hazard Statement: H300, H301, H310, H311, H316, H319, H330, H361, H370, H372, H400, H410, GHS06, GHS07, GHS08, GHS09