IUPAC Name: 2,2-dioxo-3-propan-2-yl-1H-2λ^6,1,3-benzothiadiazin-4-one

MCL: 0.2 ppm

Source: Used as a pesticide on a wide range of crops.

Summary: Bentazone is an organic compound used as an herbicide. It is soluble in water up to 570 mg/L and has a density of 1.41 g/mL at 20 C. Upon decomposition it produces sulfur/nitrogen oxide gases. It has an acid dissociation constant of pKa = 3.3. Koc values ranging from 0 – 46 indicate high to very high mobility within soil. Biodegradation under aerobic conditions may be an important fate process in soil and water.

GHS Hazard Statement: H302, H317, H319, H412, GHS07