IUPAC Name: 2-Phenylphenol

Source: Used as a disinfectant and preservative for food. Also is a metabolite of biphenyl.

Summary: 2-phenylphenol is used as a preservative for food and is found naturally in lemons. Its disinfecting properties are used to sterilize equipment and surfaces in hospitals. It also has applications as a fungicide as it has antifungal properties. It is a metabolite of biphenyl. It is soluble in water up to 700 mg/L at 25 C and has a density of 1.213 g/mL at 25 C. It has a pKa values of 9.55. The compound will undergo photolysis, and a Koc value of 6,700 predicts it will have low mobility within soil.

GHS Hazard Statement: H314, H315, H319, H335, H341, H351, H400, GHS05, GHS07, GHS08, GHS09