Collectively we have solved some of the most complex problems in the world.

Proven experts in the areas of water science, management, engineering, artificial intelligence, technology, network science, law and military intelligence.

We invested over 5 years developing the True Elements AI platform, then tested it across 500 million records, and are applying it to water quality problems throughout the water cycle.

The response from customers and potential customers has been faster, broader-reaching, and more enthusiastic than we could have possibly imagined.

How True Elements is Organized

True Elements is a Delaware corporation formed in 2019. The Company operates in a virtual environment with team members located throughout the United States. Our corporate offices are located in Naples, Florida.

Our Company lives by three core principles of making a difference, acting responsibly, and achieving financial success. Our culture emphasizes the importance of diversity and providing opportunity to all without deference to color, race, gender or age. We actively seek to help those who may be disadvantaged, by leveraging our intellect and insights.

We are a learning organization.

Our structure is relatively “flat” and “non-hierarchical” and we recognize that good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone.

We emphasize low friction communication and build accountability through project and relationship tracking transparent to all team members.

When we work with innovation partners, these are the values and beliefs that we bring to our relationships.

Our Motivation

To make a difference

First and foremost, we have the opportunity to use our unique life and career experiences to positively affect a global “meta” problem that will define the future.

To be responsible

Secondly, we believe water quality is one of the most complex and critical issues of this moment, and the next 30 years. Big challenges require honest stewardship that results in positive social impact. We have a responsibility to make that impact a reality.

For financial success

Lastly, we know there is a financial opportunity inherent in solving the problem of water quality worldwide, for our company and for our customers.