We are tackling water quality for three reasons:


Making a difference

First, we believe that we have the opportunity to make a difference in the world by bringing our unique life and career experiences to bear on a global “meta” problem that will define the future.



Second, we believe that water quality is one of the most complex and critical issues of our time and the next 30 years. Big challenges require honest stewardship that results in positive social impact.  We have a responsibility to make that impact a reality.


Financial Opportunity

Third, we believe that there is a financial opportunity inherent in solving the problem of water quality worldwide.

Why we developed Water Insights™

True Elements principals are a group of uniquely experienced entrepreneurs who have years of experience in solving “meta” problems, like water quality. Our principals are proven leaders who have phenomenological understanding of water cycles, engineering, science, technology and network building – having solved some of the most complex problems in the world. They include Dr. Charles Louisell, Robert Bowcock, David Bankston, and Kim Patrick Kobza. They also include special advisors Paul Beck, Amy Turner and Jeff Canada.

We come from the fields of water science, water management, engineering, artificial intelligence, technology and development, network science, law, finance, military leadership, and practical experience. We are proven business leaders each of whom has led large organizations with compelling vision and difficult missions.

Our Culture

We believe that diversity makes us stronger and we strive to provide opportunity to all without respect to color, race, gender or age. We actively seek to help those who may be disadvantaged by leveraging our intellect and insights.

We are a learning organization and seek to build community with others who share our mission and our passions. We are also a relatively “flat” non-hierarchal organization that recognizes that good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone.