What is Water Insights?

True Elements’ Water Insights platform is the first universal water quality forecasting service available that provides forecasts anywhere in the United States. It automates the process of water quality data analysis and provides results in an easy to use visual dashboard and reporting.  This saves water quality researchers and managers both time and money.

The Water Insights inference engine predicts water composition  by location with 1-5 days of advance notice.  To make its forecasts, True Elements draws upon approximately 40 national public data sources of both historical and live data enabled by 2.5Mm field sensors (including EPA net). We also ingest data from a growing list of state and hyper-local data sources. 


Our forecast algorithms consider current weather forecasts,  historical weather conditions , hydrologic water flows, soil absorption, current water chemistry, land uses and geospatial data.  The engine automates analysis of over 40 variables of water composition including nitrogen, phosphorus, dissolved oxygen, potassium, sulfur, magnesium and more including contaminants of  emerging concern.

Artificial Intelligence

True Elements uniquely uses “inference based” artificial intelligence. This is an advanced form of AI as compared to more common data analytics. Simple data analytics reviews historical data and assumes that past conditions are the same as similar future conditions. All of us intuitively know that given climate change, and changing system hydrology, it is unlikely that future conditions are going to be like the past. This makes traditional data analytics techniques less useful and inference-based learning essential as the basis of accurate water quality forecasting.

The Water Insights platform was designed, developed, tested and engineered over a period of five years.