What's in your water? Now you can know.

True Elements is the first and only company that provides water quality forecasts for everywhere in the United States. Our forecasts are based upon an extensive data library which is open to our subscribers. True Elements solutions are simple to understand, easy to implement, and a “snap” to buy.

For water management professionals and policy makers everywhere, True Elements provides a revolutionary ability to achieve cost savings, health benefits, and identification of water quality risk.

Resource Planning


Our target customers are water managers, resource planners, and stakeholder groups involved in watershed management from source to discharge across the water cycle.

The use case and benefits:


Resource planners, policy professionals and stakeholder groups often use static, disparate data to develop resource management plans. Analysis is often manual and limited to data bases for a specific governmental region – community, county or region. It is time intensive, costly, and sometimes incomplete.



Water resource planners will have the benefit of state of the art automation to reach data as never before possible. Planners will have access to an integration of over 40 national, state, local, and hyper-local data sources and 100 water quality influencing variables across over 100,000 USGS-define Hydrologic Units in near real time. They will also have the benefit of water quality forecasts for their region generated by a state of the forecasting engine and algorithmic model powered by unique Advanced Inference, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence engines.


Water resource planners and policy makers will be able to improve decision making and will have advance notice of water events like blue green algae blooms and red tide. They will be able to compress planning times, save analytical costs, and improve forecasting accuracy. By using True Elements’ service, policy makers and regulators will be able to optimize water policy and regulations and to avoid unintended regulatory impacts.

Water Management

Commercial and Industrial

Our target customers are water and supply chain directors, sustainability directors, and managers directly responsible for the water quality in watersheds that affect commercial, industrial, and agricultural uses. End users include for example, beverage companies, food processors, farms, industrial, or other end users that “take” and “put” directly to or from a water flow.

Use cases and benefits:


Water and supply chain managers rely upon highly fragmented, uncorrelated, and often outdated data to determine the general health and sustainability of watersheds. The interrelated impacts of one watershed user on another are often not well understood. Examples of supply chain water users are, for instance beverage or food processing companies that have vested interests in the sustainability of watersheds of their suppliers – often agricultural users, but with no data and analytical guidance to support their business decisions.


With True Elements’ Water Insights platform, water directors and supply chain managers can draw upon correlated data in near real time to set management practices for the watersheds on which they are dependent. The Water Insights platform automates analytical processes. It also learns from experience, improving its forecasting accuracy over time.


Having the benefit of True Elements forecasting capability means that for the first time ever, water managers are enabled to:

  1. Establish management practices for the watersheds on which their business depends, including nitrogen and phosphorus load management plans. ;
  2. Make remediation decisions with 1-5 days of advance notice.
  3. Anticipate the impacts of aberrational events.

The result is potential cost savings in the thousands and potentially millions of dollars in chemicals, energy, and people. Properly used, the forecasts can also lead to decreased risk of health threats by water borne contaminants.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)


Our target customers are all analysts, corporate stakeholders, and stakeholders concerned with ESG risks. They include investment funds, corporate sustainability managers, and real estate professionals who must evaluate risks involved in facility siting. They also include engineers who are responsible for water use permitting in development and redevelopment processes.

Use cases and benefits.


ESG analysts are limited to consideration of water conservation practices that are site specific. Similarly, real estate professionals and engineers perform almost all site evaluation and permitting functions through a manual review of multiple data bases.


With True Elements Water Insights, ESG analysts and corporate sustainability managers will for the first time have a way to add water quality practices to their evaluations and programs. Real estate professionals, engineers, and risk management executives will be able to quickly identify water quality risks all without leaving their offices. This automation will decrease costs of time and money, compress permitting processes and shorten development cycles.


The benefits of ESG applications include risk avoidance, legal compliance, and liabilities in the many hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Through use of the True Elements Water Insights platform target customers can save portfolio risks, property value and permitting costs.