About True Elements

True Elements is an emerging growth company. Our executive team and active advisors are experienced in growing early and late stage companies.  We work in a virtual organization with clusters for product development, sales and support, executives and thought leaders located in Los Angeles, Austin, Naples, Charleston, DC, New York and throughout the east and west coasts.

Our corporate offices are located in Naples, Florida. We are a lean organization and use flexible resources whenever possible. We deemphasize high cost physical office space. We locate physical clusters to serve the needs of our partners and customers as appropriate and effective. Here are some of the principals involved.

David Bankston
Chief Technology Innovation Officer.

Dr. Charles Louisell
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer.

Kim Patrick Kobza
Chief Executive Officer.

Robert Bowcock
Water Industry Strategic Advisor.

Paul Beck
Digital Strategy Advisor.

Jeff Canada
Business Advisor.

Amy Turner
Environmental Community Advisor.

Max Feinberg
AI and Big Data Consultant.

Will Sarni
Industry Advisor.