What's in your water?

True Elements is the first and only company developed from the ground up to focus on the ability to forecast the future quality of your water.

True Elements uses the latest cloud based technologies, proprietary Artificial Intelligence and millions of data points acquired from public water sensors to create the world's first water quality forecast platform. Our powerful forecasting tools can enable companies to know the chemical and biological composition of the water before it arrives, saving money on labor costs, chemicals, and the power needed to properly treat the water for its intended use. 

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    Water Quality Index (WQI)

    The world's first water quality forecasting platform, monitoring and predicting specific threats for more effective remediation. 

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    Artificial Inteligence

    Purpose-built by some of the world's leading clean water experts. Patent pending technology, process, and intelligence.

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    Infrastructure Integration

    Integration with water sensors, communication systems, and industrial water infrastructure, all forms of publicly and privately available data. 


Our Mission

Water is one of our most precious resources and it must be protected.

True Elements is committed to improving global water sustainability through water quantity, quality and use transparency.

True Elements accomplishes the mission by providing infinite water forecasting. Forecasts are generated through the application of advanced and emerging technologies and artificial intelligence to available water related data sets from millions of sensors.

True Elements serves all global water users including industry, commerce, agriculture, food and beverage, hospitality, schools, hospitals, military, government and consumers.

End-users acquire sustainable solutions impacting energy, chemicals and human resources, to improve the efficiency of production and manufacturing processes, anticipating and avoiding liability from known health risks, infrastructural failure and overall improved public health.

True Elements Water Quality Index Forecasting Process

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    Open APIs connecting tens of millions of US water sensor stations, individual water sensors, individual direct reports, and field reports shared through social media. 

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    Collection of all forms of data from sensor data to IOT devices, to text, to photos and video. 

  • true-elements-coalesce

    All data is combined, managed and stored in a cloud-based data storage system. 

  • true-elements-contextualize

    Making sense of the data - Is the data perpetual, evergreen, event based, time based, etc?

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    Data interrogation to find anomalies, correlations, and insights to drive accurate predictions. 

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    Clear results, delivered through business intelligence. 

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