The future of water quality forecasting.

The Problem.

Today: Water Quality is becoming an increasingly critical issue for everyone, everywhere. But our policy and management decisions are often made with outdated, and expensive decision support tools and manual processes.

In a time of climate change, rapid population growth, and increasing “puts” and “takes” throughout the water cycle, water managers and policy makers need the best possible analytical tools on which to base their decision making.

The Solution.

Tomorrow: True Elements provides water managers and policy makers with a modern, AI based platform that provides correlated data and water quality forecasting.

True Elements provides an intelligent platform that supports two types of value. First, it does the hard work of data correlation organized by over 100,000 USGS-defined Hydro logic Units. Second, we use historical data, real-time sensors, and water event forecasts to drive Advanced Inference, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence engines to forecast water quality down to the block, for everywhere in the United States. Our platform integrates data from over 40 national, state, local and hyper-local data bases, considering over 100 water quality influencing variables.

True Elements’ Market Segments

  • Resource Planning

  • Water Management

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

True Elements has created the first universal water quality forecasting service available in the United States.

Our Service considers: physical and soil conditions, land uses, stream characteristics, chemical and biologic properties, and hydrologic models that impact water quality.

Resource Planning.

Water Insights enables policy makers, and environmental planners to visualize water composition from the integration of over 40 national, state, and hyper-local data bases, over 40 water quality variables, and 100,000 HUC code regions across the United States in near real time.

Water Quality Management.

With Water Insights, water quality managers for water treatment, agricultural, commercial, and industrial facilities, can draw upon integrated sensor data and be alerted to the composition of water that is coming to their facilities with 1-5 days of advance notice. They can manage and plan for nutrient loads, chemical disinfectants, and in plant treatment requirements in advance.

ESG applications.

With Water Insights, ESG analysts and corporate sustainability managers can, for the first time, add water quality practices to their evaluations. Risk management professionals will be able to quickly identify water quality risks associated with proposed development locations. Engineers will be able to compress permitting processes and shorten development cycles.

Let Us Put Water Insights to Work for You

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True Elements’ Water Insights in a science-based, data-driven, universal water quality data aggregation and forecasting service.

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